Empowering the workforce with advanced
technology solutions

Modern companies realize new technologies (cloud, mobility, etc.) will completely change the way they will work in the future, including service activities.

QDo you think modern technology — e.g., mobility, social networking, or cloud computing — is going to change the way you work in the near future?

Will Partially change
the way we work
Will completely change
the way business is managed
not at all
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Current limitations
of today's ERP

In this context, traditional ERP systems — which are transactional and based on old architectures — expose all their weaknesses.

Less than 30% of IME manufacturers have in place a system providing "accurate and timely information"
Less than 30% of new employees are able to use it without training
Less than 15% of IME companies say they can easily access customer information when needed

Manufacturers' most sought-
after attributes for erp

When asked about the capabilities of current ERP to support customer experience, very few companies can say their ERP is a reliable, always-on, easy-to-use source of real-time information. As such, manufacturers are looking for a whole new series of attributes to their ERP systems.


User-centric, not process-centric


Offers modern collaboration and social networking tools to accelerate responses to urgent requirements


Adaptable workflow management that can produce differentiated customer-facing processes


Manages corporate-level perspective with the need for features relevant to operating in local markets


Incorporates underlying data models supporting visibility, collaboration, and control